School never taught how to earn

In this article I expressed my view on the topic"School never taught how to earn"

School never taught how to earn!

This is so true that school never taught us how to earn money in life:

They just taught us how to gain high marks,how to have great Grades etc.

They never taught us about our life that how will we will live our whole life with happiness.

They do not teach us about the art of earning money 

And this is sure that Good Grades does not give you alot of money in future.

Some students just remember every thing include in the syllabus and that have the myth that they will do good in future life and will got a good job etc.

But this is not true....

School,Colleges etc must teach the students about the skills that are necessary to have a good life in the future 

They must teach the students the art of earning money

And if someone want to achieve that type of knowledge than i recommend the books and youtube

You must read books and watch to.motivational speeches on youtube 

That will help you alot in thr future trust me!